PFMP is an indicator of recommended Vine account

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PFMP the indecator , so coooooool !!!

The account posted a small number, is not lonely timeline?

Company accounts, but a cool video, but there is no worth were followed Posts can be reduced.You wonder not such an experience?

As follows, I have tried a number of formulas.And, indicators cool that looks reasonable is found.It’s PFMP !



PFMP tells us Vine account recommendations

The formula is simple.From adding followers and posts, just multiplying the posts.

Then, posts a lot, I shows the user a large number of followers. However, the number is increased, I have to gently by the square root.


Recommended Vine user her!

Recommended Vine users that were derived in this way is her!

She has a lot of posts and cute cool. It will make for a very happy thing your timeline!

>>sydney ok’s profile on Vine

Video at the last posts of her, was ReVine most is this.In very cute, and probably is full of surprise? :)

I ,Yoshihiko Yoshida like very much Vine. I also want a lot of posts, and I want to meet many people. So, I made a site as follows. With us to share when it is good, I’m glad.

>>MINIDOGA the Recommended Vine user search!

The read me to the end, thank you.
Happy Vine! ! !

【そんなオススメのVineユーザーはこの人!】投稿数もフォロワー数も多く、とってもキュートで楽しい動画をマメに投稿してくれているシドニーオーケーさんです。最近の投稿でもっとも多くReVineされているのは、以下の動画ですが、とってもキュートで楽しそうでしょ?(^O^) 。私はVineがとても好きで、私も彼女のように、みんなをハッピーにする投稿をたくさんしたいと思います。あなたもいっしょにVineを楽んでみませんか!

「Vine so much fun!」
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